V34 (1 of 2): Genomes of human (hg38), and Guinea pig (cavPor3)

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Friday, March 14, 2014

We've added reference genomes of human hg38 and guinea pig cavPor3 to the browser. All genome data including track files were downloaded from UCSC Genome Browser. We acknowledge the NCBI Genome Reference Consortium and UCSC Genome Browser team for their enormous efforts in generating these resources.

Human hg38 genome is listed as a minor item along the quite ancient hg18, since hg38 currently has no experimental assay tracks, and all of that is in hg19.

Go to http://epigenomegateway.wustl.edu/browser/ and click hg38 button to launch the new genome:

V34 (1 of 2)- Genomes of human (hg38), and Guinea pig (cavPor3) 0 1.png

To find the guinea pig genome, click the "Rodentia" tab under "Animalia":

V34 (1 of 2)- Genomes of human (hg38), and Guinea pig (cavPor3) 1 1.png