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Thursday, January 16, 2014

This function allows you to select text files from your computer and upload them to the browser server for browsing and analysis. Currently we provide limited supports on formats and complex data (BED, GFF, BEDGRAPH, WIGGLE etc.) but we plan to make steady and significant improvements to the File Upload function in near future.

This function is implemented in HTML5, and requires a modern web browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

We rely on the client-side to parse and process the file, and the amount of data that can be handled is determined by the user's computer capacity. So at this stage, avoid loading large files (e.g. >300MB) as it will consume a lot of RAM on your computer.

Go to "Apps" and "File upload" to see the interface:

V31 (3 of 3)- File upload 0 1.png

Click the button to upload a file (or multiple of them).

V31 (3 of 3)- File upload 1 1.png

Each uploaded file is shown as an entry. Click "Setup" to configure that file for upload:

V31 (3 of 3)- File upload 2 1.png

This shows the configuration of a line-oriented BED file, with just 3 fields.

Check the radio button to choose appropriate file format, and either make a track out of this file, or make a gene set.

Currently for BED and GFF format data, there's only limited support. We are planning to make full support on these formats, as well as supporting new formats such as NarrowPeak.