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Monday, November 7, 2011

The correlation function has been extensively refactored and debugged. It still runs on Spearman's Rank correlation, which is the only choice, and the correlation coefficient is plotted in the same way. But here's the new things:

First of all, right-click menu is enabled on correlation canvas. Options are provided to turn off correlation, or sort tracks according to correlation coefficient in descending order:

Correlation function revised 0 1.png

At correlation control panel, genomic features are presented with radio buttons. Checking a button will invoke correlation of heatmap track data with feature density of that genomic feature track.

At the bottom a new option is provided, which left at "Yes" will enforce "density" mode for tracks that are checked. If the track is not displayed, it will be brought up in "density" mode, and if the track is already displayed in "thin/full" mode, it will be flipped into "density" mode.

Finally, the correlation status can be saved under session.

Future work: add other correlation/distance metrics, like Pearson.