V6 release - major bug fix

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Monday, June 4, 2012

This code release comes with major bug fix. Please go to the source code archive on our server or Dropbox to download.

Bug fix

When the Browser was showing data at basepair level, the use of coordinate was wrong at multiple places:

requesting data for the genomic region exposed by panning placing the blue square box indicator on the small chromosome ideogram on the top left of the page on obtaining genomic sequence for the region under view

Now these problems that were visible to us have been fixed. If you notice any more, comment on our blog and let us know!

Minor improvements

Y axis scale can now be drawn in genome heatmap:

V6 release - major bug fix 2 1.png

To show the scale, increase track height to 20 or more pixels and the scale will draw automatically on the left side of the canvas.

And here's a slight improvement on the control panel. At "Heatmap track" panel, contents for "Data sets" and "Configure track selection panel" have been re-styled as "tab-page". Click any of the two buttons at top of panel to see:

V6 release - major bug fix 3 1.png

V6 release - major bug fix 4 1.png

This tab-page style is also applied to Bird's eye view panel.

Finally, we start depositing our source code archives into a dropbox folder which is publicly accessible. I guess this serves a nice fallback in case tornado strikes our server room and demolishes the servers. The user manual however is not included in the archive anymore to shrink size as there's only a scant 3GB space with my account so it needs to be lean (besides Xin hasn't updated his user manual since stone age).