V46: hic track normalization and calling card track

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  • we are releasing v46 today at our public site.
  • major updates:

normalization of hic tracks

  • now you can select normalized data on hic track, please be aware of that the loading would be a little bit slower than before as now there is much more data need to be loaded.
  • when you load a hic track, there message box will tell you when the normalization data finished loading

V46 1.png

  • right click the track to configure the normalization method

V46 2.png

Calling card tracks

  • we collaborated with Rob Mitra's lab for this new type of track. You can submit it through the custom track interface or data hub. Check for Calling card format details.
  • go to custom track UI (hg38 here for example)

V46 3.png

  • choose calling card track

V46 4.png

  • use the example for demo

V46 5.png