V45: color picker, https support, updated cool hub and docker

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  • We are releasing version 45 of browser code today, updates include:

enhanced color picker

  • now when you right click a track, configure, you have more choice to choose your preferred color instead our predefined color list.

V45 1.png

HTTPS support

  • we are supporting HTTPS hosting now, for all our embedding users, you could use HTTPS url of our JS files, we are still provide HTTP too.

V45 2.png

cool hub

  • Since last version, we now support cool format track too, in this release we also collected published long range data in cool format and organized them to a datahub.
  • the cool hub is listed in our public hub list

V45 3.png

  • the track table in the cool hub

V45 4.png

updated docker image

misc update

  • there is a 'back to search results' button now allows you go back to the search list after you click one track.

V45 5.png