V43: improved rendering of HiC tracks and yeast genome added

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  • in the version 43 we improved the HiC track rendering greatly by incorporating the juicebox.js library, our summer student Silas Hsu coded this module. We also added the yeast genome sacCer3 in this version.

fast display of HiC track

  • the user interface to load an HiC track is not changed, users can submit their HiC track through custom track or data hub. The faster speed was enhance by incorporating the juicebox.js library, a demo for juicebox.js could be found at http://aidenlab.org/juicebox/
  • the figure below shows chromosome-wide contacts in heatmap mode for 8 chromosomes

V43 hic.png

the sacCer3 genome

  • the genome data was downloaded from UCSC Genome Browser.

V43 yeast.png