V42: bigWig and bigBed support with libBigWig

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In version 42 we are using libBigWig instead of Kent source to process bigWig and bigBed tracks.

Please note: the resulting binary program querybw was based on libBigWig and has much friendly license, but it doesn't support cache, bwquery was based on Kent source and will be faster when visualize same tracks next time. But both will work fine with the browser.

download libBigWig

  • get the latest code from github
git clone https://github.com/dpryan79/libBigWig.git
  • type make to compile the code

add support to browser

  • get the latest browser code from github
  • soft link or copy/move the libBigWig folder to the cgi-bin/query folder
  • in the cgi-bin/query folder, type make
  • two files named querybw and querybb will be generated, move the to Apache cgi-bin folder
cp querybw querybb /usr/lib/cgi-bin/