V40: performance improvement

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Faster hub loading speed

  • Thanks to our new engineer Deepak who did the hard work on improving the loading speed of large hubs!!

Better support for loading remote hub

  • We are using the libcurl library to read hub file remotely instead of using wget to download it. Improved the stability.

PDF output

  • A PDF link will also be provided when users use the 'Screenshot' App.

V40 pdf output.png

Other bug fixes

  • long url (url longer than 256 characters ) fix by Jin Lee and Daofeng
  • simple bed track with different color in different strand by Jin Lee
  • value of y-axis limited to 2 decimal points in case of floating number
  • bug fix, sometimes generated svg link have no .svg prefix
  • a Makefile was added for building the C binary program
  • bug fix, Error fetching SNP information was fixed
  • url with + is supported
  • use encodeURIComponent instead of escape which is deprecated
  • use decodeURIComponent instead of unescape which is deprecated
  • Roadmap browser max-height (js and css) bug fix, details see: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2244773/set-max-height-using-javascript
  • add curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, 1L); for following location support
  • SNP search switched to exact match
  • change help links to wiki site