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Wednesday, Jul 2, 2014

We're running the new and much-improved metadata system on version 39 today. In preparing track annotation with your datahubs, you have choice of using either *shared* or private metadata. The past concept of "native metadata" is no longer in use.

New metadata is fully explained here: http://wiki.wubrowse.org/Metadata, along with our publicly shared metadata vocabularies as examples.

This affects previously-built datahubs if following attributes are used:

1. "annotation" to a track object can no longer be used. Use "metadata" instead.

2. "custom_annotation" to a track object should be replaced by "metadata".

3. "native_metadata_terms" is no longer used.

Please feel free to leave comments here if you're having trouble migrating your metadata annotation.

You can download the source code at egg.wustl.edu/info/source/. Recompile the CGI binary to upgrade.