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Friday, April 4, 2014

Version 36 features numerous improvements.

' Upload hammock file

You now have more convenient options to display hammock tracks on the browser.

Prepare your hammock track, host it on your web server, and go to Custom track panel to submit it. Or, simply upload the hammock-format text file and the browser will display the track.

When you are either loading hammock track via URL or file uploading, you can find a text box to enter JSON descriptions. You can always refer to the example track by clicking the "Use example" button:

V36- upload hammock-format file 3.png

Peak-calling data

We keeps enhancing the hammock format. As a result, 3 peak-calling formats (narrowPeak, broadPeak, gappedPeak) can be converted and displayed as hammock tracks. We also provide scripts to convert peak to hammock formats. Please refer to our wiki page for more information:


Bar chart background

We implemented this feature a while ago. We've just made it easier to use, by adding an option in the configuration panel. By using it, spots with low values can be visually separated from spots without any data (only applicable for bedGraph tracks).

V36- upload hammock-format file 1.png

Shared Y axis scale

A common Y scale range can be shared among a group of numerical tracks, through the "group" attribute. This can be achieved by using the "group" attribute when defining a track in a datahub. In future we will implement UI for you to conveniently choose and assign tracks to groups.


Track height and Y scale are kept the same between main/split browser panels

The split panel function is now more appealing by tightening up this loose end!

V36- upload hammock-format file 2.png