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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The session function has been on the browser for a long time, and it was completely redesigned to better suit its purpose, to make it robust and portable.

Before this point the sessions were stored in a mysql database on the browser server. We now switch to the file-based storage method, and creates text files to store session data.

And the data format is JSON (the browser loves that). And we enable you to download this file, keep it on your own computer, email it to a colleague, or even go to your own browser site and revive it (given all tracks are accessible).

Simply go to "Apps" > "Session" to open the session panel below and try it yourself:

V31 (2 of 3)- Sessions 0 1.png

Following shows how the saved session entries might look like. By clicking the "Download" button you can download this session as a JSON text file. To recover it click the "Upload" button on top.

V31 (2 of 3)- Sessions 1 1.png