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Saturday, November 30, 2013

All the gene tracks on the browser have been upgraded to a new format, and supported by a new mechanism. For all animal genomes all the gene track data have been updated with latest downloads from UCSC Genome Browser. A RefSeq genes and "xenoRefSeq genes" tracks are available for every animal genome and provides good annotation coverage, the latter provides homologous genes from other species.

This new gene track mechanism also supports custom gene tracks:

V30- custom gene tracks 0 1.png

In above image two gene tracks are shown. The one on top is the native hg19 RefSeq gene track. The green track beneath it is an replica custom track. You can see from the details about this track in the menu box.

An example custom gene track can be found in this hg19 data hub, look for the word "hammock":


This page has some instructions about preparing gene tracks.

Download the browser source code from here or here.