V29 (1 of 4): access HTTPS resources, including Dropbox

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

From version 29 you can now access tracks hosted on a HTTPS web server, including those that are publicly shared on the Dropbox.

Submitting an HTTPS track for display is identical as that with an HTTP track:

submit from custom track panel at "CustomTK" > "Add new custom track" submit by datahub submit by URL parameter (same parameter names apply for HTTP and HTTPS tracks) submit by embedded browser

Try this example: a BAM track from Dropbox


(this BAM track is for testing only and contains just tiny amount of data)

To host a track on Dropbox

You must have the Public folder in your dropbox. But for accounts created after Oct. 2012, you won't have it automatically. You need to create one yourself by following this link: https://www.dropbox.com/help/16/en

upload your track files to the Public folder (so that they are publicly shared)

for tabix and BAM files, put the index file in the same folder as track file

obtain URL link to your track file by right clicking on the file and select "Copy public link"

don't do this on the index file

use this URL for track submission

V29 (1 of 4)- access HTTPS resources, including Dropbox 6 1.png

Be aware not to make excessive use of Dropbox-hosted files.

Get the source code (and here) and refer to the new installation instructions.