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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We've improved the track configuration options to fix bugs and bring more consistent behavior of the browser interface. There's some slight changes to the options shown as below, but now the functions should work more as expected than before.

Following is the configuration options on a quantitative track. You can get a similar looking panel for a feature-density track (e.g. a BAM track in density mode) without the "negative value" color option:

V28 (2 of 2)- track configuration 0 1.png

By checking the box for "apply to all tracks", your next configuring action will be applied to all the tracks in the browser (it used to be just those tracks in genome heatmap), well, for all applicable ones. Such that the gene track color won't be changed along if you change the positive value color for quantitative tracks.

Following is configuration options for an long range interaction track:

V28 (2 of 2)- track configuration 1 1.png

If you are configuring a long range interaction track in "heatmap" mode, the "height" option will appear. And if the track is in "full" mode, the text options (font size, color etc.) will appear.

Finally, when you have the secondary panel in the browser, any configuration options applied on a track in the secondary panel will be automatically applied to the same track in the main panel.