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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From version 28 it is possible to select multiple tracks using SHIFT-click and operate on the selected tracks as a batch.

Very simply, click on a track while pressing Shift key on your keyboard. The track name background will turn yellow:

V28 (1 of 2)- multiple track selection 0 1.png

Click again on a highlighted track will de-select it. To operate on selected tracks, right click on any one of them and see menu options. You can configure their rendering style (e.g. color and height), or drop them all together.

To cancel the selection, use the "cancel multiple select" option or simply right click on an un-selected track. The yellow highlight color will go away to indicate the cancellation.

You can still drag and vertically reorder a track while it's selected. But you can't move all of them together.

This feature has been tested to work on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Supported web browsers include IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Safari.

Get the source code of this version from our website or dropbox.