V27 (3 of 3): custom track listing

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

We brought back a missing feature, which allows you to view the entire list of custom tracks that have been loaded.

Click "CustomTK" button and find the "List of all" option. You need to load a datahub or some custom tracks first or these options won't show up:

V27 (3 of 3)- custom track listing 0 1.png

Click this option to see a listing of all your custom tracks:

V27 (3 of 3)- custom track listing 1 1.png

Those ones that are already on display are shown as inactive labels. Click the active ones and select a bunch to display on the browser.

Such track listing function is necessary as it allows you to find tracks that are NOT ANNOTATED by any metadata terms.

Those annotated by metadata terms will show up in the facet table, as described in this post: v24 (3 of 3): facet panel