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Monday, September 23, 2013

"Facet panel" is a meaningful way to present large track set using metadata annotation. Version 24 features much improved facet table function.

Improved user interface design Unified support on both native and custom metadata vocabularies

  Find the facet panel  

At the browser, click "Tracks" > "Experimental assay tracks". Following panel will be shown (example from hg19):

V24 (3 of 3)- facet panel 0 1.png

To change row definitions (principle facets), click "Sample" on the header to see available choices:

V24 (3 of 3)- facet panel 1 1.png

The facet panel can be configured into a tree by using only the Row option:

V24 (3 of 3)- facet panel 2 1.png

  Facet panel for custom metadata  

First, load a datahub. You can click following link to load a public hub in hg18 genome:


Then open the facet panel:

V24 (3 of 3)- facet panel 4 1.png

Now you can see two facet tables. The table on top in colored border is from the public hub (named Multiple Myeloma Data Gateway).  The table on the bottom is the original native metadata vocabulary. The two tables are organized by two separate metadata vocabularies, but can be used in the same way.

  Using metadata colormap  

Both native and custom metadata terms can be chosen for display in metadata color map. Right click on the terms and choose "Add" option:

V24 (3 of 3)- facet panel 5 1.png

The metadata vocabulary tree will be shown. Check the checkbox for a term to add this term to color map. If a custom vocabulary has been loaded, it will also be shown as a tree with shaded background, along with the native tree:

V24 (3 of 3)- facet panel 6 1.png