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Sunday, July 28, 2013

From version 22 the browser is now equipped with "Public Datahubs", which are in-house curated datasets that contain publicly available assay results of high scientific value and interest to the research community. The Public Hub is in the form of  datahub, which is independent from the browser track database, and can be hosted on any web server on the Internet.

A pilot release of Multiple Myeloma genomics sequencing results is available as an hg18 public hub in the human genome. The data is provided by James Bradner's lab at Harvard Medical School.

To see the public hub listing for a genome, click "Track", then "Experimental assay tracks". The Experimental Assay Track panel will be shown. Click tab "Public datahubs" to show the listing:

V22 (2 of 3)- public datahubs 1 1.png

We would love to publish your data! Please feel free to contact us at epigenome@lists.genetics.wustl.edu