V20 (1 of 3): dual genome display

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Friday, July 5, 2013

The version 20 of WashU EpiGenome Browser sees lots of exciting new features, which will be talked about in 3 blog posts. Here we introduce the "dual genome display". Follow the links to see embedding browser, and custom track cache refreshing.

As usual, you can get the source code from our server or dropbox. A short guide has been written to help you install a local mirror of the Browser. Feel free to email us about problems.

The Dual Genome Display

Click genome logo on top of the browser page, to see a small menu showing up:

V20 (1 of 3)- dual genome display 4 1.png

Click "Add new genome" option, the select-a-genome panel will be shown:

V20 (1 of 3)- dual genome display 5 1.png

Suppose we choose mm9 by clicking the Quick button, a new browser panel about Mouse genome will be shown (beneath the original hg19 genome):

V20 (1 of 3)- dual genome display 6 1.png

The newly added mouse genome can be navigated separately from the existing human genome. All the browser functions and apps can be applied on the mouse genome. Give it a try and have fun! When you are done, you can click the red X button to remove the mouse genome.

It's not limited to "dual" genomes only, you can add 3 or more genomes if you prefer.

You can show the same genome (e.g. all hg19) multiple times. In that case, the custom track information will be shared among all the browsers from the same genome.