V12 minor release: S. pombe genome, bug fixes

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Get source code from dropbox folder.

S. pombe genome

V12 minor release- S. pombe genome, bug fixes 1 c.jpg

Version 12 code release supports the genome of Schizosaccharomyces pombe, the fission yeast. It is the first fungi species supported by WashU Genome Browser.

The S. pombe genome assembly was released on March 2012 and was downloaded from PomBase. You're welcome to suggest additional annotation/public experimental assay data sets to be added to this genome.

Procedures to prepare the S. pombe genome database can be viewed here.

Bug fix

A major bug that prevents session from been restored when it's about juxtaposition with custom bed track is now fixed.

An error that prevents from parsing URL parameters was fixed. You can now append session information to a URL in the format of:


Where [ASSEMBLY] is name of genome assembly (e.g. hg19), and [SESSION] is session ID. By composing such an URL you can easily share saved sessions with others.

Additionally, you can append status ID to the URL: &statusid=[STATID]