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Saturday, August 27, 2011

2010 - 08 - 25

The navigation bar now has 3 button groups (identified by different background color and downward arrow): Genomic view, Tracks, Statistic functions. In a nut shell, "genomic view" defines components of horizontal axis of genome heatmap, and "Tracks" defines components of vertical axis. They are independent of each other.

Clicking "Genomic view" button will reveal the three buttons it contains:

Go to the "Gene set view", which is displayed by default when page is loaded, following panel will appear. "Custom gene set" and "KEGG pathway" function interface are in separate boxes:

User interface revised 1 3.png

After gene set submission, a panel will be shown containing available operations on the displayed gene set (some functions are yet to be released):

It has been made explicit that the browser would operate in one of four modes:

viewing genome juxtaposition on genomic features (server provided, curated source, or custom bigBed file) gene set view (on custom gene set, or KEGG pathway)

unassembled contigs A bit of restriction will apply to switching between last 3 modes, in that user has to cancel current mode to go back to genome view, and change to the new mode. For example, if user is doing gene set view, if she clicks on "Genomic juxtaposing", she will see:

The "Genomic juxtaposing" panel looks similar as "Gene set view", and provides interface to server/custom bigBed file juxtaposition functions:

User interface revised 2 5.png

And finally, the "Contig view" function interface has been made a bit more self-explanatory, highlighting the two possible ways to select contigs for viewing:

User interface revised 3 6.png