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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The *paperless* sticky note is available now! You can create notes and place on any corner of Browser page as a reminder of anything.

First, go to floating toolbox:

Sticky note 0 1.png

Click "more" button to reveal the contents, where you can find the "make sticky note" button:

Sticky note 1 2.png

Click that button will generate a small note at a random place on the page:

Sticky note 2 3.png

By default the note is read-only. You can drag and move it.

If you mouse over the note, two little buttons will appear at top right corner:

Sticky note 3 4.png

Click ✎ to edit the note, and click ✔ to save:

Sticky note 4 5.png

If you've written too many lines, drag on the bottom right corner to resize the note:

Sticky note 5 1.png

Finally drag on the note to move around when you're not editing. Click X to delete note.

But this function is still experimental... Mike Steve requested this feature. However it's not functioning properly on his computer (Mac+firefox)! But it does run on other similar machines... Let me know the problems and I will try to fix any bugs there.

In the future the sticky notes you created might be saved under session. Now your sticky notes CAN be saved under session.

Update: It turned out that web browser plugins that manipulates <textarea> would disrupt functioning of sticky note. User has to disable the plugin to use the function or there's no other way round currently.