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A glimpse of what's comingAdd / remove genes for Gene Set View
Add new genomeAdd new track typeBAM
BedGraphBigBedBigBed file generator
BigBed generator as an "App"BigWigBird's Eye View
Bug fix reportBuilding database for S. pombeBuilding database for maize
Building hg18 databaseBuilding rat genome database (rn4)Calling card
CategoricalCategoricalMatrixCirclet view
Clustering analysis on Gene SetConfiguring decorative tracksCool
Correlation function revisedCreating and managing multiple gene setsCustom categorical track
DatahubDisplaying track hubs from UCSC Genome BrowserEnhanced chromosome ideogram graph
Enhanced scale bar and rulerEnhanced track information displayFAQ
Facet panelFeaturesFile upload
Floating toolbox remodeledGalleryGene Plot
Gene Plot for custom bigBed trackGenerate tabix file from SAM/BAM fileGenome-wide statistics and visual display
Genome alignmentGenome of crab-eating macaqueGenome selector on page start up
Get data from Gene PlotGmax 275 genomeHammock
Heatmap configurationHg19 metadataVocabulary
Hg19 trackAttr2idxHiCHide undesirable items from a track
How to install tabixHuman hg38Improved interface for Gene Plot function
Install a local mirrorInstall a mirror at Amazon AWS CloudInstall mirror MacOSX
Installation (2012-11-18)Installation proceduresInstallation procedures (obsolete)
List of publicationsLong-rangeMake gene track
MethylC trackMinor extension to Bird's Eye ViewMinor improvement to Gene Plot
Minor improvements to Gene Set ViewNew Gene and RepeatMasker tracksNew color palette
New configuration methods for quantitative tracksNew interface about track selectionNew interface for selecting gene structure
New look of floating toolboxNew metadata browsing and managementPosts from Xin's google sites
Prepare custom long-range interaction trackPrepare custom track of annotation data (or "bed" track)Prepare custom track of numerical data
Problem with Gene Plot chart rendering fixedPublic datahubsPull annotation data
Pull annotation track filesQuantitativeCategorySeriesRhesus genome
Scaffold sequence configuration functionSessionsShowing data distribution using Gene Plot
Simple bedSmoothing curvesSomewhat unified method to rearrange items in a list
Somewhat unified style on user interfaceSplit to get a new panelSticky note
The "overview wiggle track"
The TeamThe data hubTrack data hosting
Track hostingURL parameterURL parameter specification (effective v13)
Update AWS mirrorUser interface revisedUser manual
V10 minor update: bug fix and more scrolling optionsV11: search track by GEO accession, and bug fixesV12 minor release: S. pombe genome, bug fixes
V13: enhanced user interface, architectural overhaulV14: alternative gene models viewing and selectionV15: search for tracks, search for KEGG pathway
V16: Quick load, animated zoom, and bug fixes!V17: Circlet ViewV18: new page look, BAM file support
V19: navigation and apps buttons, adjust browser panel widthV1 - FIRST release of source codeV20 (1 of 3): dual genome display
V20 (2 of 3): embedding browserV20 (3 of 3): refresh cache of custom tracksV21: Creating and managing multiple gene sets
V22 (1 of 3): call super enhancer using ROSEV22 (2 of 3): public datahubsV22 (3 of 3): better track search, and information display
V23: custom categorical trackV24 (1 of 3): new genomesV24 (2 of 3): JSON datahub format
V24 (3 of 3): facet panelV25: new display methods for methylC-seq and RRBS experimentsV26 (1 of 3): SNP track
V26 (2 of 3): RepeatMasker tracksV26 (3 of 3): smoothing curvesV27 (1 of 3): GENCODE V17 track for the human genome
V27 (2 of 3): make screenshot for Genome snapshotV27 (3 of 3): custom track listingV28 (1 of 2): multiple track selection
V28 (2 of 2): track configurationV29 (1 of 4): access HTTPS resources, including DropboxV29 (2 of 4): displaying track hubs from UCSC Genome Browser
V29 (3 of 4): delete custom tracksV29 (4 of 4): the methylC trackV2 code release - URL parsing and persistent hyperlinks
V30: custom gene tracksV31 (1 of 3): Improved user interfaceV31 (2 of 3): Sessions
V31 (3 of 3): File uploadV32: shared metadataV33 (1 of 2): upload long-range interaction data
V33 (2 of 2): hide "undesirable items" from a track!V34 (1 of 2): Genomes of human (hg38), and Guinea pig (cavPor3)V34 (2 of 2): convenient coordinate choices
V35: hammock tracks for richly annotated genomic featuresV36: upload hammock-format fileV37: More options and bug fixes
V38: matplotV39: new metadataV3 code release - Maize genome supported
V40: performance improvementV41: HiC track, retina display and image track prototypeV42: bigWig and bigBed support with libBigWig
V43: improved rendering of HiC tracks and yeast genome addedV44: viewing cool tracks, parallel loading track data and support dynamic track and hub URLsV45: color picker, https support, updated cool hub and docker
V46: hic track normalization and calling card trackV4 code release: faster gene track renderingV5 release - gene indicating function
V6 release - major bug fixV7 major update - Long Range interaction view, SVG outputV8 major update - tabix indexing, chromHMM tracks
V9 major update: continued bigWig support, new custom track UI, bug fixVariant of BED file format (and how to make it)Version History
WashU EpiGenome Browser install proceduresWubrowse wiki