Somewhat unified method to rearrange items in a list

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Somewhat unified method to rearrange items in a list 0 1.png

As demonstrated above, a new function interface is in use so that you can manually rearrange things in a list. The function is extremely simple and intuitive, just a small panel with four buttons in it. Clicking ▲ will move the item one level towards the head, ▼  will move it one level towards the tail. ▲ will move to the head and ▼ will move it to the tail.

This function is mainly developed towards compatibility with touch screen devices (and now I accept donations of touch screen mobile phones for software testing purpose - -|||). Click anywhere on the page to dismiss the panel.

It applies to following scenarios:

Rearranging single track in genome heatmap Rearranging multiple tracks spanned by a color block in metadata color map (press cursor and drag on the color block still works) Items in Gene Set View (that is horizontal order of items in genome heatmap) Genomic feature tracks (that is when multiple genomic feature tracks are show, you can move one track towards or away from genome heatmap) Scaffold sequence, both for displaying in genome heatmap, and in Bird's Eye View