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Monday, October 10, 2011

The heatmap track configuration function has been adjusted a little bit. Now if you right click on heatmap, you will get a menu like following:

Heatmap configuration 0 1.png

Choose the wrench option and a small panel will appear in floating toolbox letting you to configure this track:

Heatmap configuration 1 2.png

Here you can click on a color stripe to change coloring style of that track, drag the slider to change threshold percentage, and use the drop down menu to change height or convert it to wiggle plot.

Lastly, if you check the "apply to all heatmap tracks" checkbox, you will be configuring all tracks on display now. Uncheck it to go back to single track configuration.

During check and uncheck, the tracks that are subject to configuration will be highlighted by animated dash lines:

Heatmap configuration 2 3.png

Heatmap configuration 3 4.png

Additionally, a small twist has been added to heatmap track selection panel, where you can click the color oval to expand/fold rows and columns:

Heatmap configuration 4 14.png

Heatmap configuration 5 15.png