Floating toolbox remodeled

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Monday, October 24, 2011

The floating toolbox has just got a new look:

Floating toolbox remodeled 0 1.png

The message console is still there. On top of that are buttons arranged in two rows. The first row is for panning and zooming. The magnifiers with +/- in it are for zoom in/out. The size of icon from small to big indicates magnitude of zooming.

The « » signs are for panning. Clicking on it will shift currently displayed region to left/right one screenful at a time. Although in most cases you do panning by dragging on heatmap canvas, this complements one funny situation when no tracks are displayed in heatmap -- which means, you have nowhere to drag on! And I hope this can enable panning on touch screen devices. Let me know if it works or not.

Buttons in the second row will invoke various "apps". You're free to click them and none of them will take you away:

? (smaller question mark): help message ballons ? (bigger question mark): user manual ♞: shows relocation options (jump to genes, etc) sticky note icon: generates one sticky note eye icon: opens the Bird's Eye View panel