Displaying track hubs from UCSC Genome Browser

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From version 29 we make initial support of UCSC track hubs. However due to inconsistency problems the support is partial:

  • bigWig and BAM tracks are supported
  • VCF track is not supported for the moment
  • bigBed is not supported
  • information on all composite tracks will be merged into one metadata vocabulary
  • only a handful of rendering controls can be parsed for the moment

To see public hub listing on UCSC, go to http://genome.ucsc.edu/cgi-bin/hgHubConnect

Copy a hub file URL (e.g. http://zlab.umassmed.edu/zlab/publications/UMassMedZHub/hub.txt) and enter it into the text field below. Choose "UCSC hub" from the format menu:

Press SUBMIT and accepted tracks will be loaded.

Both hub file and trackDb file can be submitted in this way. Also you can submit a UCSC hub via URL parameter: