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In categorical track, the genome is separated into a set of intervals and each interval is assigned to a specific category.

Each line of a categorical track file contains four fields:

  1. chromosome name
  2. start, 0-based
  3. stop
  4. category id

The "category id" is a positive integer. The category id references the corresponding category in the "categories" attribute of track definition in datahub. See datahub#categories for details.

Take following steps to submit a categorical track to browser.

1. sort the track file using "sort" command:

sort -k1,1 -k2,2n old_file > new_file

2. compress file

bgzip new_file

3. index file

tabix -p bed new_file.gz

4. move files "new_file.gz" and "new_file.gz.tbi" to a web server. The two files must be in the same directory. Obtain the URL to "new_file.gz" for submission.