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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Following bugs have just been fixed:

1. Gene Set View now works fine with large amount of tracks. Previously when you had 100+ tracks showing in genome heatmap the browser will reject custom gene set if you try to run Gene Set View. Now this big mistake has been corrected.

2. This problem is also associated with big track number. In metadata color map, various attributes associated with large number of tracks will be rendered correctly. Internally the browser supplies 41 predefined colors to visualize attributes. When number of unique attributes is beyond 41, the browser is now smart enough to do it correctly -- a color will be selected from the list and will be darkened, ensuring the new color is unique.

3. Finally if you have custom metadata terms in use, clicking on the term in metadata color map will show its name correctly in context menu.

Please let us know any further bugs and problems.