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Saturday, August 27, 2011

One shortcoming of "Gene set view" function is that you can't view too many genes at one time, say, >200 genes. In order to overcome this, the "bigBed file generator" is written, which allows you to submit arbitrary number of genes/coordinates and make a bigBed file which gives you wide range of browsing options once it's up as a custom track.

The bigBed file generator function interface can be found at "Miscellaneous functions" tab:

BigBed file generator 0 1.png

Enter a list of gene names or coordinates into the text area and you are good to go! Of course you can change your idea and select different part of genes to be used by clicking "Change" button:

BigBed file generator 1 2.png

The "gene part selector" panel will appears:

Click button to generate bigBed file, file URL will be given:

BigBed file generator 2 4.png

Finally, you can click button under the file URL and put it up as custom bigBed track instantly:

BigBed file generator 3 5.png

Have fun browsing!